Friday, November 2, 2012

Name change!

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick update letting you know about a name change!

The names Figaro and Simba are already the names of two other fosters with Vokra right now! So they have asked that I change them - so I did!

Figaro's (the cream male tabby) new name is ---> Echo!

Simba's (the lighter orange tabby male) new name is ---> Loch!

Echo was chosen because he is often meowing in sync with his mom as if having a conversation! She will meow, he will meow, she will meow again and so on!

Loch was chosen because it is actually Lok! As in Little Orange Kitten! Because he is the smaller, slightly lighter orange tabby. And to be honest we couldnt think of a good name, but I was just calling him "Little One" so we decided on Lok! But we didn't like the spelling so much, so we changed it to Loch. And thus Loch was this Little Orange Kitty's new name :)

New pictures soon! :)

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