Monday, January 21, 2013

Bye-Bye Gypsy!

Bye bye goofy girl! We'll miss you!

Though I doubt she'll miss us as she's going to such a great home! :)

Can't wait till I hear how she's doing! :)

And it is possible my next foster kitty is coming tonight! So I'm in the process of stripping everything and cleaning it all to prep for a new kitty!

Have a great life Gyp!

Gypsy has an applicant!

Gypsy had a great viewing today! It is a great home for her and she likes him already! :) She was being a bit of a mischief while he was here, with all the excitement of a new person and laser-pointers etc!
But overall she was a good kitty and is now pooped after playing so much! So she came over and hopped onto my bed and snuggled in for a nap! What a sweetie :)

Hopefully the application goes through today and she can go to her new home! Otherwise she's welcome to stay here as long as she'd like ;)

In the meantime I will just snuggle her as much as I can! :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gypsy is so funny! :)

Gypsy is just a total clown haha! We call her Goof for a reason! :)

I have a funny story to tell...
To start ill say that she loves empty boxes! I don't know what it is but the minute one is put on the floor she jumps into it! That's it. She just jumps into it and sits and peers over the top! Haha! She's like a little gazelle bounding over the edge into the box lol!

So we have two empty boxes we leave on the floor for her - she's chase a toy and then drop it, jump into a box, peer at it over the top, then jump out of the box and pounce on her toy! Haha what a goof hey? Hehe!

I have a video of that I can add later.

But for now here's some more pics of her!
What a sweet kitty!

She is super lovable and a great size!
And what a beauty! She has such a great personality and is just a lovable playful kitty! :) and she loves giving kisses :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pictures of Gypsy!

Gypsy has been doing really well here!
She is a young kitty with lots of love to give! She's very playful and loves people! She's a "follow you" kind of cat! She purrs non-stop and likes to cuddle - once she's done playing :)

This week we have been working on teaching this young kitty some rules, such as no playing with hands. And she is so much better - she's such a smartie! :)

We call her the "little goof" because she has the adorable quirks! Haha such as she loves to sit in the sink! Haha (picture below) and she likes to hangout inside bags! Haha (also pictures below!)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gypsy is coming to foster

I just picked up a new vokra kitty, Gypsy, yesterday to foster! And so far she's been quite a sweety! And she's VERY pretty! :)
She can have a little attitude if she doesn't like how you're approaching her but she's not mean by any means. She just knows what she likes!
But after she swatted at me the one time and I hissed at her - she got the message!- and settled right down after that! Smart kitty ;P

She's very playful and sweet. And right now I'm doing a bit of an assessment to see where she's at, so far so good!

Will post more soon!