Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Adoption and Update!

Well as the title suggests there was an adoption! Two days ago, Tigger and Echo went to their new adoptive home! YAY! They're going to love it! Have a great time in your new home guys! I'll miss you!!

Loch, Zazzles, and Antonia are left and they are all so wonderful I know they'll find their homes!

Antonia has got to be the sweetest cat ever! Whenever she meets a stranger she walks over and meows and rolls over for pets and belly rubs! She likes to follow me in the house, but she will also go off and find her own adventures. She is completely house-trained (and trained her kittens too) and has nice house manners. She loves her scratching post! Both for napping and manicures ;) If you are looking for a loving and sweet companion she's your gal! She is so sweet and only 1 year old!!!

Loch and Zazzles took the adoption of their brother in stride and didn't cry much for them at all. They are already being more adventurous around the house and around new people every day! :) They can be a little shy (as many cats with new people) but once they get to know you and warm up, they are both great cuddlers! :) And they are both sooooo soft! :)

I will add some more recent pics soon!

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