Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another adoption and an update from Antonia!

Yes, Loch and Zazzles have been adopted! They are going home in a couple days, so I'll get at least a little more time with the babies before they go home!

Antonia has loved having the whole run of the house! Now that we can just leave the door open to the guest room (so she has access to the litter box) and she can just hangout in the house she's been extra happy! And let me tell you that's amazing because this is seriously the happiest cat ever! She always has this smile on her face and it's almost like she knows we are helping her find her forever home! She is a cat that is full of love that's for sure!!

When she first came to foster with me it took her no longer than 5 minutes to be totally comfortable in my house and already purring and head-butting my hand! She absolutely loves people and noise and activity don't bother her, so she'd be fine in a home with kids - she's be happy with anyone really! As long as she has hands to pet her she's a happy camper!

She is super pretty - as you can see! Though its hard to take a picture of her because the minute she seems my hands come up with the camera she runs over to head butt my hands and rub against them for pets! Hahaha! She keeps you smiling always that's for sure! :)

If you are interested in Antonia please click on her picture in the side bar and see her Vokra page! :)

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