Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Because the kittens are still socializing, they are not yet ready for adoption, but will be soon, once they have passed kitty+human 101 ;) 
But Mama Antonia is for adoption and will be going in for her spay in the next little while, once her milk is dried up. She will be going up on the site soon!

She is such a great mama to the kittens! They follow her everywhere! But she loves to hang out with the people in the house purring like a motor and head butting your hand! But she never hesitates to head back to the kittens if they mewl for her!

I also build them a kitty condo out of cardboard boxes from work. At first they were all "AGH SCARY MONSTER!" then they realized they could scratch and bite it and hide in it and attack each other and play in and around it! So now they love it! haha! They've been destroying it though by taking flying leaps at it, so I may need to replace the bottom box which has become more "bouncy" and less "sturdy"! Haha!

But without further ado.... KITTEN PICTURES ;)

Here is Beautiful Mama Antonia!

Now... Her Beautiful Babies!

Still my fav pic :) And shows the kitten's early favouritism for a particular sibling.
(Tigger with Fiagro, and Zazzles with Simba)
This is a more recent one! - They're getting bigger!
 Now onto the kittens one by one!

SIMBA - The Baby Boy

Simba licking lips after meal

Sleepy Simba
ZAZZLES - The Fiesty yet Sweet one

Zazzles trying to get through the stairs of the cat tree
Zazzles trying to look as cute as possible... it's working!

Zazzy playing in the box fort.
Sleeping kittens! :) Simba and Zazzles

Simba and Zazzles!

Want to see how I got that shot? Also want to see the cutest vids ever XD they look below!

Simba and Zazzles Sleeping! :)

This is Zazzy trying to swipe at my camera, and Tiggy wanting to swipe at her instead! :)

TIGGER - The Adventurous One


Sleepy tiggy

Tried to flying leap - didn't quite go as expected!
Tigger's in a Box lol!

Tigger is confused as in how to get out the box

Fighting the Evil Paper Towel Roll! ;)
Make sure you get my good side!
FIGARO - The Talker

This is him mid-sentance!

After eating Lunch
Bath Time!

The Two Curious boys are watching something, and Tigger has Figaro's back!
Tigger with  his brother Figaro

Here are a couple more of the bunch!

Lunch Time!
Playtime with the Cardboard-Kitty-Kondo!

The Kittens! (BL: Simba, BR: Figaro, FL: Tigger, FR: Zazzles)

 Will post more soon! :)


  1. So cute! I love little Loch :) I would adopt him in a heart beat if I didnt already have two cats.

    btw, what kind of camera do you use? those pictures are amazing

    1. I actually just use my iPhone 5! It really does have a great camera :) Also the sunlight streaming in on many of the shots didn't hurt the quality either :P