Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Because the kittens are still socializing, they are not yet ready for adoption, but will be soon, once they have passed kitty+human 101 ;) 
But Mama Antonia is for adoption and will be going in for her spay in the next little while, once her milk is dried up. She will be going up on the site soon!

She is such a great mama to the kittens! They follow her everywhere! But she loves to hang out with the people in the house purring like a motor and head butting your hand! But she never hesitates to head back to the kittens if they mewl for her!

I also build them a kitty condo out of cardboard boxes from work. At first they were all "AGH SCARY MONSTER!" then they realized they could scratch and bite it and hide in it and attack each other and play in and around it! So now they love it! haha! They've been destroying it though by taking flying leaps at it, so I may need to replace the bottom box which has become more "bouncy" and less "sturdy"! Haha!

But without further ado.... KITTEN PICTURES ;)

Here is Beautiful Mama Antonia!

Now... Her Beautiful Babies!

Still my fav pic :) And shows the kitten's early favouritism for a particular sibling.
(Tigger with Fiagro, and Zazzles with Simba)
This is a more recent one! - They're getting bigger!
 Now onto the kittens one by one!

SIMBA - The Baby Boy

Simba licking lips after meal

Sleepy Simba
ZAZZLES - The Fiesty yet Sweet one

Zazzles trying to get through the stairs of the cat tree
Zazzles trying to look as cute as possible... it's working!

Zazzy playing in the box fort.
Sleeping kittens! :) Simba and Zazzles

Simba and Zazzles!

Want to see how I got that shot? Also want to see the cutest vids ever XD they look below!

Simba and Zazzles Sleeping! :)

This is Zazzy trying to swipe at my camera, and Tiggy wanting to swipe at her instead! :)

TIGGER - The Adventurous One


Sleepy tiggy

Tried to flying leap - didn't quite go as expected!
Tigger's in a Box lol!

Tigger is confused as in how to get out the box

Fighting the Evil Paper Towel Roll! ;)
Make sure you get my good side!
FIGARO - The Talker

This is him mid-sentance!

After eating Lunch
Bath Time!

The Two Curious boys are watching something, and Tigger has Figaro's back!
Tigger with  his brother Figaro

Here are a couple more of the bunch!

Lunch Time!
Playtime with the Cardboard-Kitty-Kondo!

The Kittens! (BL: Simba, BR: Figaro, FL: Tigger, FR: Zazzles)

 Will post more soon! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kittens turn 8 weeks!

The kittens turn 8 weeks this weekend! :D

They have come far this week!

I've been able to pick up the kittens much easier this week - they don't seem to mind it too much. I wouldn't go as far as to say they're a fan, but they don't fuss too much either. I make to pick them up everyday in order to get them more used to humans and it seems to work well! I tend to do it when they're just waking up from a nap, as they tend not to care when I pet them or pick them up around that time. I always make sure to not stress out the cats, so I do not chase them in order to pick them up, I either use lure (food) or wait for them to come to me or wait till they're sleepy!

Nothing cuter than sleeping kittens!!

It's becoming more obvious who the "pairs" are among the 4 kittens. At first I wasn't sure what they were, because it mostly seemed like two were VERY attached to Mama Antonia, and then the other two just did their own thing. But now that Mama has been pushing them off when they try to nurse (about time! Good Mom! :P) they have been playing more amongst themselves and sleeping together, so it is becoming more apparent who should go together!

Simba and Zazzy often hang out together, and I often find them snuggled into one another!

Tigger and Figaro are usually not far apart, whether it's chowing down at the food dish or trying to climb the scratching post by jumping and latching onto the underside!

And Mama has been enjoying spending more "alone" time in the house with us away from her hyper kids ;P

She is very good in the house, is litter trained, though did try to use the furniture as a scratching post the first time she was out, so I corrected her and redirected to the scratching post, which she enjoys using, but is not high enough for her long body to get a good stretch! She'd probably really enjoy a tall cat tree/post!
She loves people and loves to purr and talk and do figure 8's around your legs! (Especially when you are making food!) she loves treats, but can sometimes overshoot the treat and get a bit of your finger instead, but she doesn't mean harm, but teeth are sharp, and so she is learning that if she touches the fingers then she doesn't get the treat, she seems to be improving so that's good!
If anyone reading has any suggestions for working on that Please Comment!!

I will be adding more photos soon!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A week in a new home!

After the first few days the kittens have come a long way! They allow us to pick them up, and no longer hide in corners when we come into the room.

I must say that the first night they were in my house I was worried because they said I had 4 kittens but I only saw 3... I finally found the 4th hiding behind the "hide-a-bed" little cat condo!

They are super adorable and we have finally named them (you'll see captions with all the pictures now)

Antonia: Tortoiseshell, Mama

Simba: Male Orange Tabby, named after Disney character from The Lion King (he is the slightly paler orange than his twin)

Tigger: Male Orange Tabby, named after Disney character from Winnie the Pooh (he has more stripes than his twin)

Figaro: Male Cream Tabby, named after Disney character from Pinnochio (he is a talker)

Zazzles: Female Grey Tabby, named after the cat from The Big Bang Theory (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVox8Fnmj9M)

We leave the radio on a talk show for them all day so that they get used to voices, and it seems to be helping! They've already come a long way to being sweet little house kitties in only 1 week!
Antonia - tired from a long day of taking care of her kittens!

They are just about fully litter trained - they still have a tiny accident here or there, but there has only been 3 little accidents in 7 days.
The Kids
My favourite time is walking in to see four little sleepy faces blinking at me when I come in in the morning ;P

Zazzles watching Figaro

Zazzles thinking about jumping on her brother Figaro, while Simba rubs up against Mama Antonia

The Fam (Tigger is in the back on the left)

The kids

Tigger, Simba, and Zazzles


Tigger tries to play with Mama, while Figaro watches his tail.


Figaro with toy stuck in his claws

Zazzy attacking Simba's tail

Zazzles adventuring while the Fam eats lunch.

Will post more soon!

Kittens first come home!



Figaro and Tigger

Figaro, Zazzles, and Tigger

Antonia (Mama)

Tigger, Zazzles, and Simba




Tigger and Figaro, 

All four kittens with Mama

All four kittens

Figaro with Mama

The kittens were very afraid when they first arrived. They have never really been with people so they are still learning to be used to the presence of people.
Their mama, Antonia, is quite tame and LOVES people! She will talk to you when she wants something, and purrs like a motorboat!
Because their mama likes people so much it really helps the kittens learn by example, and be more comfortable with people.