Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quick update

The kittens are so funny! They finally get a day of sunshine but instead of getting frisky and running around they sleep lol! They all just nap in the patches of sunshine and soak up the warmth!

I have to say kittens sleeping is so cute :P

They sure have grown lots in the almost 4 weeks they've been here!

Mama Antonia is as lovely as always - purring up a storm whenever she she 's near us!
We have her and her kittens spend some time separate each day, so the kittens learn to be without mom, and so mom can have a break from her kittens :p they're always trying to play with her tail or try to entice her to play with them haha

The kittens don't do much wrestling with each other though they do play "whack-a-mole"with each other through holes in the card board boxes I give them to play in!

All if them are wonderful litter box users and like scratching the scratching post! Mama has good indoor manners, and has taught her kittens well!

Also, as many kittens do - they love to chase light :P they saw the reflection of the sun off my phone that hit the floor and moved and they started chasing it! Hehehe so much fun to watch ;)

Here are some quick pics I snapped this morning:

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