Monday, December 3, 2012

Update on Antonia!

Today Antonia is getting spayed. She has been very upbeat and good natured about it! I helped her into the crate and covered it with a sheet and carried it to the car, and she's been such a good sport! She talked to me in the car probably asking where we are going. She's not going to be feeling 100% after her spay while she recovers, so I moved a bed to the floor for her near her litter box and she's going to get lots of cuddles!! :)

She's such a sweetie I have no idea why she's still for adoption?! She could into just about any family because she's so young and vibrant and can be playful, but loves to just be petted and snuggle on the couch and nap!

She makes me smile every morning when she greets me with some meows and doing figure eights around my legs ;)
She likes batting around the noisy balls but loves to bat around pens on the floor! Haha! She doesn't scratch furniture, but does scratch her scratching post! She knows the difference :) she loves her scratching post! She uses it all the time and naps on it too!
She knows when breakfast and dinner is and will give me a meow to remind me if she feels I've forgotten ;)
She's just a super sweet cat who's ALWAYS happy to see you and wanting to be around you!

*update* just heard from the vet and her spay went really well! She's just coming out of the anesthetic and I can go get her at 3 :) yay! But she'll still need a couple days of TLC before she's going to be back to sleeping on the bunk bed,and rolling around for treats, but she's just such a sweetie that I know she'll be a good little patient ;)

If you are interested in Antonia you can click on her picture in the side bar to see the Vokra page where you can send in an application! She's so sweet I hope she can find her forever home soon! And the longer stays here the harder it'll be for me to see her go! She's the sweetest kitty ever :D!

Will post more soon!

Here are some new photos of her! :D

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