Sunday, October 21, 2012

A week in a new home!

After the first few days the kittens have come a long way! They allow us to pick them up, and no longer hide in corners when we come into the room.

I must say that the first night they were in my house I was worried because they said I had 4 kittens but I only saw 3... I finally found the 4th hiding behind the "hide-a-bed" little cat condo!

They are super adorable and we have finally named them (you'll see captions with all the pictures now)

Antonia: Tortoiseshell, Mama

Simba: Male Orange Tabby, named after Disney character from The Lion King (he is the slightly paler orange than his twin)

Tigger: Male Orange Tabby, named after Disney character from Winnie the Pooh (he has more stripes than his twin)

Figaro: Male Cream Tabby, named after Disney character from Pinnochio (he is a talker)

Zazzles: Female Grey Tabby, named after the cat from The Big Bang Theory (

We leave the radio on a talk show for them all day so that they get used to voices, and it seems to be helping! They've already come a long way to being sweet little house kitties in only 1 week!
Antonia - tired from a long day of taking care of her kittens!

They are just about fully litter trained - they still have a tiny accident here or there, but there has only been 3 little accidents in 7 days.
The Kids
My favourite time is walking in to see four little sleepy faces blinking at me when I come in in the morning ;P

Zazzles watching Figaro

Zazzles thinking about jumping on her brother Figaro, while Simba rubs up against Mama Antonia

The Fam (Tigger is in the back on the left)

The kids

Tigger, Simba, and Zazzles


Tigger tries to play with Mama, while Figaro watches his tail.


Figaro with toy stuck in his claws

Zazzy attacking Simba's tail

Zazzles adventuring while the Fam eats lunch.

Will post more soon!

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