Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kittens turn 8 weeks!

The kittens turn 8 weeks this weekend! :D

They have come far this week!

I've been able to pick up the kittens much easier this week - they don't seem to mind it too much. I wouldn't go as far as to say they're a fan, but they don't fuss too much either. I make to pick them up everyday in order to get them more used to humans and it seems to work well! I tend to do it when they're just waking up from a nap, as they tend not to care when I pet them or pick them up around that time. I always make sure to not stress out the cats, so I do not chase them in order to pick them up, I either use lure (food) or wait for them to come to me or wait till they're sleepy!

Nothing cuter than sleeping kittens!!

It's becoming more obvious who the "pairs" are among the 4 kittens. At first I wasn't sure what they were, because it mostly seemed like two were VERY attached to Mama Antonia, and then the other two just did their own thing. But now that Mama has been pushing them off when they try to nurse (about time! Good Mom! :P) they have been playing more amongst themselves and sleeping together, so it is becoming more apparent who should go together!

Simba and Zazzy often hang out together, and I often find them snuggled into one another!

Tigger and Figaro are usually not far apart, whether it's chowing down at the food dish or trying to climb the scratching post by jumping and latching onto the underside!

And Mama has been enjoying spending more "alone" time in the house with us away from her hyper kids ;P

She is very good in the house, is litter trained, though did try to use the furniture as a scratching post the first time she was out, so I corrected her and redirected to the scratching post, which she enjoys using, but is not high enough for her long body to get a good stretch! She'd probably really enjoy a tall cat tree/post!
She loves people and loves to purr and talk and do figure 8's around your legs! (Especially when you are making food!) she loves treats, but can sometimes overshoot the treat and get a bit of your finger instead, but she doesn't mean harm, but teeth are sharp, and so she is learning that if she touches the fingers then she doesn't get the treat, she seems to be improving so that's good!
If anyone reading has any suggestions for working on that Please Comment!!

I will be adding more photos soon!

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