Thursday, February 21, 2013

Astan has a viewing!

That's right! My sweety has a potential adopter! We keep our paws crossed that all goes well at the meet-and-greet and we find a great forever home! :)

Him and I have been hanging out during what might be his last homeless night!

We shall see how it goes! :)

More soon!


  1. You may want to give him a kiss & snuggle Good-Bye, because....

    I heard Astan's ACTUAL ADOPTER is coming to catnab him tonight!!! YAY Astan! :)

    We can't wait to welcome you (slowly-at your pace) into our family and hearts <3 <3 <3

    Thanks again Julia & VOKRA Volunteers!

  2. Astan is doing well... he's now got free access to the house overnight and anytime I'm home. I still can't leave Misty & Astan alone together unsupervised, as there is still some posturing going on. I also find he eats better/more, if I close his door during meal times. So while I'm at work, much to his dislike, he gets closed in his own room, so Misty doesn't disturb him.

    He's been timid for the most part, but curious. He hasn't really pushed too many of Misty's boundaries yet, but she is sure to let him know when he crosses the line gently, yet firmly with only a meow... she's only hissed at him a couple of times in the last 3.5 weeks. :)

    Astan is very chatty! He loves to play and has already destroyed 1 ball on string. He keeps rolling over on his back, waiting for Misty to play with him, but she's not interested. However, Astan is very interested in Misty - sadly she's more interested in his water dish! LOL.

    Recently Astan has claimed the foot of my bed as a sleeping spot at night, while Misty sleeps next to me on her own side of the bed, with pillow.

    1. Aww thats good that things are going well! Yes, it can take some time for them to fine when alone - but it seems like they're doing well! That's so cute that they are both sharing the bed :) And sounds like he has come out of his shell and that's great that he's playing lots and having fun! :) It's also good that Misty is setting the rules for little Astan, as his big sister it's her job to boss him around ;)

      Thanks for the update! :) So glad he's in such a great home! :D