Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello everyone! I have a new foster! His name is...well a bit of a funny story haha! He was originally named Astana, as he was thought to be a girl! Whoops! So it was then changed to Astan, a more masculin name :) And he seems to like it - he even responds to it!

Astan has been here a little over 3 weeks now and my is he ever a super affectionate kitty!
He started out very shy, he would just sit somewhere and not move - you could go up and pet him, but he wouldn't move at all - just look at you scared with his big eyes.

Well I spend some time cuddling him as he wasnt food or toy motivated and last week we made some crazy breakthroughs! He is now such a sweet and friendly kitty!
He is still nervous around strangers, but if I am there to help him and the stranger then Astan realized the stranger gives pets too! He is getting better and better everyday! He is so great! :) It's hard to even say he's a "shy" kitty anymore - since he spends most of his time climbing into my lap while im on the computer or headbutting me for attention ;)

He is definitely ready for his forever home! :)

Here's a quick writeup:

Astan is a handsome grey kitten that is full of love! When he first came to foster he was shy, and would hide. He would allow you to pet him, but did not seek affection. You wouldn’t know that now! Quite quickly he bonded with us and now the minute he sees me he will run right over and head butt me for pats! He even comes to his name! He loves to twine and lean against legs asking for affection! Strangers still make him a bit nervous, and he will shy away from them, but with some time and encouragement he realizes that pets can come from them too! He is very affectionate with people he knows and he will sit forever in your lap if you keep petting him!  Astan enjoys walking around the house giving little talkative mews and seeing what’s going on.  He has gorgeous eyes that seem to always be telling you what he’s thinking! 
Because he can be a bit shy he would like a home without young children, as they can be a bit too noisy for him.  Astan would love a quieter home where he can bond with his people and get lots of love! He is a very affectionate and loving cat and would love to have a home to call his own! 

Pictures to come soon! :) 

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