Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lovely Sparro!

What can I say about this lovely lady.... wait what CAN'T I say about her?

She is such a great kitty! She has a gorgeous tuxedo colouring, and my favourite part are her "socks"! Hehe, I always say she has ankle socks in the front and knee-highs in the back. Cause her front two paws have a little bit of white while her back legs have more white :)

She is a litte chatterbox, in the best way - I never feel lonely with her around and I always feel so special when she is so happy to see me after work or school that she talks to me for a few minutes and twines around my legs!

And this isn't just because she knows me, she does this with everyone! She was doing this after knowing me for 20 minutes haha!

She uses her litter-box well and eats well and is healthy, and loves her scratching post!

She was originally in a stressful living environment, so then she came to Vokra and then to me for fostering! And honestly, you'd never know she had any stresses before, because she is just such a brave and affectionate kitty!

If I am on the computer, she will either come sit on my lap, or take a nap next to me on the floor or on the bed. At night, when I'm watching TV is what she waits for - she jumps up onto my lap or legs and curls up for a snooze :) She would honestly sleep there for ages if I didn't need to get up from time to time.

She just loves people and I hope we can find a wonderful home for this wonderful girl! If you think you might be the home for her, then please visit her VOKRA page HERE and click on the "apply today" button under ready to adopt!

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