Monday, April 15, 2013

Three little Piggies - I mean Kittens!

Thats right, I have new little ones in the house :)

These three are a big jump from the kittens I first fostered! These ones are always playing with me and wanting to be in everything and be everywhere all at once haha!

They sure are fluffy and adorable :)

Izzy is the white and black male, Tasman is the white and orange male, and Andrey is the calico female.

They are all already adopted, and I am just caring for them for two weeks until they are ready to go to their new homes :)

Their mama is still with their previous foster so her milk can dry up and she can get spayed. Their previous foster home did a wonderful job of socializing them and raising some awesome little kittens!

I have only had these kittens here for about 2 days, so I am sure my assessment of them will change as I get to know them even better, but this is what I know about the kitties:

IZZY: Very playful, and loves to climb! If his new home provides him with a tall scratching post he'd be so happy! He is happy to hangout in your arms because he is way up high! He loves to explore and is the first to voice his opinions! He can be quite talkative - but mostly when he wants something! He loves any kind of toy, and likes to carry around his "kill" to show his hunting prowess! (Most of my pictures of him are pretty blurry as he is always on the move! :) I hope to get some better pictures soon!)

ANDREY: Playful like her brother, Izzy, but is more thoughtful and not quite as bold as him - but still very curious. She likes to come up to new people and sit next to them and watch all the goings on. She plays with her siblings a lot and loves the jingly toys. She likes to cuddle, but she seems to prefer a lap to being held in arms.

TASMAN: The least bold of his three siblings, but very affectionate. He likes being held and petted, and was the first of the three to purr for me. He loves string toys, and laser pointers and will play either on his own or with you - but he prefers the later. He often plays with his siblings, and is the first down for a nap! He also loves boxes!

They are going to make their families very happy! Check back for more updates :)

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