Saturday, April 20, 2013

Only a Week and a Half left!

Thats right, sadly, I only have another week and a half with the little ones before they're off on their new adventure with their forever homes!

But I am very happy for them because they are such awesome, fun, and loving kittens that I know their families will love them! :)

Tasman wants up -  the patient gentleman
Tasman is a little lover and the quietest of the kittens. He likes to hang out on your shoulder for rides (see pics below) and loves to eat. He also loves the laser pointer as you can see from the vids! :)
He loves his scratching post,  but otherwise prefers humans to interact with him with toys - thats whats really fun to him! So any dangly toy that you can shake and move around he loves. He likes to get pet between his shoulder blades.

Is there anyway to get on the celling? 
Izzy is the "baby" of the group. If you are holding no kittens, or another kitten, he doesn't care - he wants you to hold him! Now! (see vid) He will cry to be picked up and when you do you are rewarded with his loud lovely purrs! :) He loves to climb everything! And got up onto the bunk bed and if you go close to the ground he will climb you too - he is learning though that he is not allowed to climb up pant legs! He is the only one of the three who really does this with any regularity. I just keep him active and play a lot and snuggle him a lot and he doesn't feel the need to get more attention. But if he tries to climb I correct him like a mama cat would and gently but firmly scruff him and give a growl. He now does this very rarely and a small growl is enough to remind him to get off - which if he does he is then rewarded by being picked up! He is super affectionate and is a loud purrer! He likes being pet at the base of his tail and his ears.

Silly Andrey on my lap
Andrey is the lady of the group. She observes from a far sometimes, other times she joins in. She is more dainty than her brothers and prefers being in a lap to being held. She makes very funny faces and I caught some on film (see pic). Her family will have non stop laughter with this silly girl :) She likes to be pet at the base of her tail and ears. She has a very quiet purr, so you often have to touch her sides just to tell, haha! But her voice is a little louder, and when it's dinner time she will let you know! :) Her and Izzy love playing and are going to a home together :)

Now here they are! The recent pics of the "littles" as I call them, hehe!

Meal time!

Tasman enjoying a shoulder ride

Izzy wants up too

Pick me, pick me!

Thank you should a shoulder ride! *kitten kisses*

The kittens like laps

Really like laps, haha

Haha, my fav pic of Andrey! What a hoot!


Can I climb this?


I want my breakfast!

Hi foster mom!


Pick me, Pick me!

Why'd you wake us up?

You got some food?

I see you have food there

Is that my breakfast?

The Littles!

The Littles!

Now the Videos!

Izzy Wants Up!

Never an empty lap around here!

Andrey and Izzy playing

All kittens playing! 

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