Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gypsy is so funny! :)

Gypsy is just a total clown haha! We call her Goof for a reason! :)

I have a funny story to tell...
To start ill say that she loves empty boxes! I don't know what it is but the minute one is put on the floor she jumps into it! That's it. She just jumps into it and sits and peers over the top! Haha! She's like a little gazelle bounding over the edge into the box lol!

So we have two empty boxes we leave on the floor for her - she's chase a toy and then drop it, jump into a box, peer at it over the top, then jump out of the box and pounce on her toy! Haha what a goof hey? Hehe!

I have a video of that I can add later.

But for now here's some more pics of her!
What a sweet kitty!

She is super lovable and a great size!
And what a beauty! She has such a great personality and is just a lovable playful kitty! :) and she loves giving kisses :)

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